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Matrix creates innovative and impactful digital content and assets to launch and promote music releases, tours, brand campaigns, event series and more.


We add trackable ROI and SEO analytics to gauge and assess content effectiveness for the desired target demographic. 

Digital Branding:

  • Logo development

  • Artwork development

  • Branded social media assets 

  • Branded promotional/launch assets

  • Multi-media infographics

  • Website development

  • Graphic design and editing


Digital Footprint:

  • SEO

  • Wikipedia

  • Online presence

Digital Tools:

  • Google Analytics

  • Reverse search Ad Words

  • Metatags


  • Cover Arts

  • Social Banners

  • Tour Admats

  • Infographics (images, gifs, story snippets etc)

  • Promo Graphics and Multimedia assets

  • Campaign assets

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